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Project Description


There are three key sections on the Inspiring Purpose programme and you can find a range of support resources to help you deliver the programme in both the ‘Teacher’ and ‘Pupil’ sections of this website.


The first section asks pupils to reflect on their character attributes and write about their key strengths and the qualities that challenge them, or those they believe they need to work on most.


The next sections ask pupils to reflect on their source of inspiration; these sections include asking about a favourite story or poems, an inspirational figure, pictures and/or inspirational quotes. This gives pupils the opportunity to reflect on a role model or other important things to them and look at the connections to their own person.


The final section asks pupils questions about their future or aspirations, looking at long and short term goals and asking young people to reflect on what matters to them and how they can become the person they wish to be.

Programme delivery is flexible we recommend a minimum of 10 sessions over a period of 4-6 weeks but please note that to achieve the best possible outcome for young people takes time, so please plan accordingly – teacher feedback tells us that each section benefits from a preparation session / activity. Teacher Manual

Next Step

I have learnt to critically examine myself. I also learnt that they are people living in the world who are just like me. So I should help them. Examining myself is not something I usually do, so this project helped me a lot.

Sarah Patrick, Hilda Skeene Primary School, Barbados