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If you are struggling to identify your strengths, why not take the VIA survey?

1. Look at the qualities in the box, rank these in the order that best describe you, with No. 1 being your strongest quality.
2. Select the quality you ranked No. 1 and write a short statement that explains the quality that best describes you. Provide an example of how you display it in everyday life.
3. Select the quality you most need to work on and write a short statement that explains the quality. Provide an example of what you can do to work on improving that quality in everyday life.

Open-minded I listen carefully to new ideas even if I disagree with them.
Creative I have lots of new or unusual ideas that make a positive contribution to my life & others.
Persistent I stick at a task until I know how to get it done.
Independent I can complete tasks and solve problems on my own.
Curious I like to find out about new things.
Motivated I always want to complete tasks, even when they’re at their toughest.
Humble I am always respectful and don’t show off when I have something that others may not.

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